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Gift Basket History

How can you get the most out of your gift basket? Look at how the pros do it. Here is some compiled information about how gift baskets are made and how you can handcraft something that you can treasure and pass down to generations. We have focused on a romantic theme, you are free to focus on whatever makes your heart soar.

One idea is to create a themed gift basket for a loved one. This is an extremely easy gift to make and will be appreciated as a handmade gift from a personal friend.

Sure to please that special someone:

  • specialty flavored coffees
  • cute animals
  • gourmet chocolate
  • handmade soap
  • perfume
  • hand moisturizer
  • cuticle oil
  • fun head band
  • personalized socks
  • bubble bath
  • scented candles
  • romantic novel
  • personalized mug

Creative liberty is a must when creating a custom gift basket. There is an endless number of items that could work, depending on the intended recipient.

Only you know the recipient, and you alone will be able to select the best items that will tickle their fancy. Feel free to mix and match!

New Beader
Center it around a good basics book such as The Beaders Companion from Interweave Press or Creative Bead Weaving by Carol Wilcox Wells. Toss in a nice selection of basic starter colors of seed beads, a couple of spools of Nymo, some needles, a pair of scissors, some beeswax and a container of Thread Heaven. Include a subscription to one of the bead or gifting magazines such as Bead and Button.

Compile an assortment of beadwork books, or store gift certificates if you are feeling less confident. Try some of the out-of-print bookstore or on-line places. Art books and books on Native American beading or bead history books make gexcellent gifts. Gallery catalogs from big shows are special for basket lovers.

Give this beader a good selection of hooks on different types of stitches. Something like the Zulu Beadwork series by Diane Fitzgerald would be good, so would The Morning Rose by Sharon Bateman. Books on creating beadworked sculpture or 3-D work would be great. Supplies and forms are nice, too. Give a selection of bottles to someone who likes to bead bottles. Or a box of beautiful ornaments to the beaded ornament nut!

Needlework Beader
A bead knitter, crocheter, tatter or custom embroider. New needles/hooks are good, as is a new frame for working, or a new set of hoops. A big pack of Lacy's Stiff Stuff would be excellent for an appliqué nut, and Aida cloth or good linen fabric are nice things for an embroiderer. For a knitter, things like stitch counters, tip protectors and a selection of Perle Cotton or silk thread would be welcome. Always encourage them to take the next step creatively.

Gift baskets need beads, and if you are looking for a selection of stringing media get Soft Flex, Beadalon, or silk thread. Get a good knotting awl or tweezers, and a collection of findings. Dont forget double strand box clasps, lobster claws, Bali Silver clasps, gold plated clasps, and ear wires. Your gift basket never looked so fine - the thread will sparkle in the sunlight!

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